[vdr] the great dynamite plugin ! :)

syrius.ml at no-log.org syrius.ml at no-log.org
Mon Oct 29 13:04:45 CET 2012


Talking about dynamite,
I'm using it because of my dvb-ttpci card and my usb dvb-t dongle.
Their driver/firmware need to be reloaded from time to time.

There're 3 dvd-s cards and 1 dvb-t usb stick.
I'm using the adapter_nr module feature to order the cards.
- card 0 : WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2 (uses diseqc, can receive S28.2E and S19.2E)
- card 1 : WinTV-NOVA-S     (uses diseqc, can receive S28.2E and S19.2E)
- card 2 : FF Rev. 1.5      (uses diseqc, can receive S28.2E) 
- card 3 : rtl2832u 

I'm using udev rules to configure the timeout and to pass an argument
to the timeout_handler.

I'm using vdr 1.7.30 atm, I've been observing one weird behaviour for
quite a long time now:
after I watch a recording my dynamite-patched-vdr often reloads card
#0 for no apparent reason.
When the recording ends, i get a black screen instead of live tv.
After the timeout my handler script detach the card from vdr, reloads
the dvb driver and reattach the card.
After the card is detached vdr automatically switches to another card,
that's an expected behavior.
After the card is reattached i can use femon to switch back to card
#0: it's working again.

So you would say: buggy driver.

But lately i've been commenting out the driver reload part in my
handler script: to fix the black screen you just have to detach the
card from vdr then reattach it. (nothing more)

So I guess it's rather an issue with the dynamite patch, have you ever
encountered it or a similar behavior ?


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