[vdr] VDR on Raspberry Pi

Morfsta morfsta at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 20:03:33 CEST 2012


Now that Raspberry Pis are quite common, cheap (~£25) and
easily acquired (I received my order within 2 days from Farnell) has anyone
considered whether it might be feasible to put together an output plugin
for VDR for it? It is now possible to play MPEG-2 (with a codec license
costing £2.40) as well as 1080p H.264 with hardware acceleration.

There is work on VOMP (previously on Hauppauge MediaMVP) to work as a VDR
client on the Pi and as far as I can see quite a lot of progress has been
made. I'm wondering whether it would be possible to run VDR with HDMI video
/ audio output on one of these too and given the work done so far on VOMP
and XBMC how difficult it would be to create an output plugin?


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