[vdr] Epgsearch mysteries

Teemu Suikki tsuikki at zuik.org
Thu Apr 4 20:04:22 CEST 2013


I have vdr 1.7.27 and epgsearch 1.0.1.beta2, from yavdr..

I'm recording "Game of Thrones" from Canal Digital Nordic. The third season
is starting in a few days..

The episodes have no episode name, and the description field simply says:
"(1:10/s3) 3. kausi maailman suosituimmasta HBO-sarjasta."

The text part is always the same, just the episode number varies. So just a
single character difference. But epgsearch thinks these are repeats! Even
if I set required match to 100%, it still thinks they are repeats..
shouldn't 100% mean exact match?
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