[vdr] RFC: one or many positioners?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Mon Apr 22 14:28:06 CEST 2013

On 22.04.2013 12:37, Mike Booth wrote:
> I have two positioners one for a ku dish and a second for a C Band dish.

The general desire for multiple positioners appears to be rather
low, so I guess I won't do the extra work to handle such cases.

> Would it be possibles to cater for the southern hemispere by a switch.
> Your East is my West.

It was probably a bad idea of the rotor manufacturers to use the terms
"east" and "west" in the first place ;-) They should rather have used
"left" and "right" (as seen from behind the dish). However, if VDR starts
using left/right instead of east/west, it might just cause more confusion
than it helps. On the other hand, at the cPositioner level left/right
sure would make much more sense, because it is independent of the site's

So what do you folks think?
Should I change

   virtual void DriveEast(void) {}
   virtual void DriveWest(void) {}
   virtual void StepEast(int Steps = 1) {}
   virtual void StepWest(int Steps = 1) {}
   virtual void SetLimitEast(void) {}
   virtual void SetLimitWest(void) {}


   virtual void DriveLeft(void) {}
   virtual void DriveRight(void) {}
   virtual void StepLeft(int Steps = 1) {}
   virtual void StepRight(int Steps = 1) {}
   virtual void SetLimitLeft(void) {}
   virtual void SetLimitRight(void) {}

or even

   virtual void Drive(bool Left) {}    // true = left, false = right
   virtual void Step(int Steps) {}     // <0 = left, >0 = right
   virtual void SetLimit(bool Left) {} // true = left, false = right



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