[vdr] [Announce] New plugin peer-0.0.1

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Mon Aug 12 13:40:47 CEST 2013

Hi again,

I've planned to do this for years, now I finally made it: Here's the first
release of the new peer plugin. The plugin is meant for those who don't have a
client/server environment (i.e. all recordings done on one server) but rather
peer-to-peer (multiple VDRs, all with their own DVB cards). But also for the
client/server guys the plugin might include some handy features. Download from

These are the features:
* Add/edit/remove timers on local and peer VDR or move timers between them
(using remotetimers-plugin)
* Access menu of peer (using remoteosd-plugin)
* Send an OSD message to peer
* Show device status of peer
* Get notified next time replay finishes on peer
* Send a Wake-on-LAN magic packet to peer

Some things surely could be expanded further (like the device status) or are
just a proof of concept (replay finished notification).

The requirements of this plugin heavily depend on the features you want to
use. To use all features, you would have to grant SVDRP access for all peers
and install the the plugins peer, remotetimers, remoteosd, svdrposd and
svdrpservice on all peers. Check the README for the exact requirements by feature.

At least remotetimers/remoteosd version 1.0.0 is required for use with peer.
Upon request I can provide patches for older versions of remotetimers/remoteosd.j

In the peer sources a Makefile for VDR < 1.7.36 is included, however I don't
know how far peer will be compatible with older VDR versions.

Have fun!

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