[vdr] Is there somewhere a SETUP/INSTALL doc for VDR ?

Stephan Loescher loescher at gmx.de
Wed Aug 14 22:46:35 CEST 2013

>> Or am I the first one, who tries vdr 2.0 and xineliboutput? ;-)
> No, at least there is me using this combination.
> Even with streaming HD content over old g-Wlan, I get through, at least nothing "hangs" at the end. With simple wired connection or using the client on the vdr-box itself, there are no playback problems I noticed.

Do you use vdr-sfxe as the frontend?
Could you please tell me, which version of vdr, xineliboutput and 
xine-lib you are using?

I have this versions:
- current Sabayon-Linux
- vdr-2.0.2
- xine-lib-1.2.2
- libav-0.8.6
and I have tried this versions of xineliboutput:
and CVS:
cvs -z3 
-d:pserver:anonymous at xineliboutput.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xineliboutput 
co -P vdr-xineliboutput

HD-replay works fine, but when I skip one minute forward/backward or use 
fast-forward/backward, then vdr-sxfe hangs.
After killing vdr-sxfe and restarting it, I can see the video still playing.


loescher at gmx.de

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