[vdr] VDR needs some way to detect new tuners on runtime...

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> I have 3 USB receivers. Sometimes my cat runs over the cables, and in some
> cases causes one receiver to be loose. I would like VDR to be able to start
> in that situation, and not wait until all adapters are connected. This
> would mean I won't be able to record -and even worse watch- anything until
> I figure out the receiver is loose. I know I should guard my receivers so
> they don't go loose, but this is not always as easy as it sounds :-)

You want to be able to start VDR without any dvb devices, right?

A bit offtopic, but related is the following situation: When VDR is
> recording something from my USB DVB-T receiver, and I unplug it, this USB
> port does not work anymore until the program that is using the receiver is
> stopped. In this situation, I would like VDR to recognize something is
> wrong, and stop using the receiver. Then the kernel can de-initialize the
> receiver, and when I re-plug the receiver, the kernel can initialize it
> again. Then It would be nice if VDR recognises the new receiver, and starts
> using it.

I seem to remember this type of dynamic/hotplug capability being discussed
some time ago in regards to the new server/client design upgrade. If I'm
remembering correctly, I believe this is already on the todo list for that
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