[vdr] recording problem: two timers on same channel are using both tuners of S2-6400

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Thu Aug 22 14:23:37 CEST 2013

On 23.06.2013 21:35, Seeberg-Hinrichs, Ingo wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> during my periodic recording of "Criminal Minds" on SAT.1 (on Thursdays) I have periodically the situation that both tuners are blocked and I cannot view other channels at live TV. The first recording has not yet ended, the next recording on the same channel is starting minutes before the
> transmission of the next episode.
> Timer 1: 20:12 - 21:20, Channel 5 (Sat.1)
> Timer 2: 21:12 - 22:20, Channel 5 (Sat.1)
> No live TV on other transponders is possible (RTL, ARD, others).
> I am wondering whether other users also have this problem using VDR 2.0.2.
> If I remember it right the behavior was okay prior the final releases and the release candidates before. But I cannot specify it definitively. I am unsure about this may have to do with bonding changes (bonding does not apply in my simple environment), or about the fix introduced in VDR 1.4.42 (fix
> pending timers). Perhaps it's even older and I did not realize because we do not watch that much live TV :-)

I tried this here now and both recordings were done on the second device,
while I was able to continuously watch live TV on the first one.

If you can still reproduce this, I guess there are some additional things
I would need to take into account in order to reproduce this.


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