[vdr] start VDR without hardware for test and tutorial

Helmut Auer vdr at helmutauer.de
Sun Dec 1 01:52:25 CET 2013

Just use xine or xineliboutput as output plugin, then VDR starts without a DVB Device.
What would be the usage of VDR without input and output device ?

Am 01.12.2013 01:29, schrieb VDR User:
> Have you tried patching VDR so it doesn't abort if no dvb device is
> found? I'm not sure what side-effects, if any, there may be by doing
> so.
> Btw, I also found it annoying VDR wouldn't start without a dvb device.
> A long time ago I had a dvb card die but i had a lot of unwatched
> recordings so I figured I would just watch those until my new dvb card
> came in. Nope! Pretty lame when you run VDR on a dedicated box with no
> keyboard attached and no easy way to get that box to play your
> recordings. IMO VDR should start regardless. What good is there in
> denying the user access to his recordings and plugins? Obviously no
> dvb device means no live tv, but VDR does/can do a lot more than that.
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