[vdr] aufs instead of mhddfs with vdr 2.1.2

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Sun Dec 1 15:54:53 CET 2013

Am Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013, 11:44:42 schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> I wanted to get this out of the core VDR code. It was
> a makeshift solution in times where disk sizes were still relatively small.
> Nowadays we have disk sizes in the terabyte range, which should be enough for
> a VDR.

It is certainly not enough for me, and I will never run VDR without being able
to spread directories over disks. I always have several disks, right now 4
of them. When the capacity of modern disks sharply increases, I remove my
oldest disk or the one most aged (smartctl) and add a new one. Over the
years, this has proven to be very simple and reliable. Your removal of
functionality makes that impossible. IMHO, RAID is not practical for that
situation, and I do not really trust RAID and probably never will.

something like aufs should make it much easier to use VDR video
data over network file systems, even by non-vdr software. A vdr
plugin enabling more than one file system would not be adequate, it would
still lock users with more than one video disk into having to use vdr or
vdr-specific plugins on all clients even if all they want to do is just
viewing recordings. The clients needs a unified view over all vdr video

and of course such a plugin is reinventing the wheel with all those
unionfs variants around.

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