[vdr] xinelib / vdpau suddenly fails to detect Nvidia ION GPU

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 21:43:48 CET 2013

> Any idea where I should look? Why might xinelib or vdr-sxfe fail to correctly
> detect the ION (MCP79) chip when everything is unchanged?

The problem is either software or hardware. If you are __100%
certain__ software hasn't changed, logically the issue must be
hardware related. That doesn't necessarily mean your ION is crapping
out. Faulting/flakey power supplies are known to cause any of a wide
range of problems. If you do need to diagnose hardware, start with the
simple things first. Sometimes simply re-seating a connector solves a
problem. Other common considerations are if the gpu is having problems
due to heat -- cooling (case, chipset, any of them) fan died, too much
dust buildup, airway blocked, etc.

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