[vdr] Does anyone see this or is the VDR mailing list broken?

Morfsta morfsta at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 12:29:16 CET 2013

> I use XVDR and miss in some ways the plain old Vanilla VDR "GUI".
> Maybe its possible with configuration, but I would like to "push"
> XBMC to the background and be able to use all remote keys in XVDR as if I
> was working natively with VDR, then maybe a single key press to get back to
> "normal" XBMC functionality. Its a WAF thing.

Look at yavdr, it provides that but the other way around and for me
that is preferable as we watch TV / recordings much more than using
XBMC to listen to music or watch videos.

You use vanilla VDR as the base, then when you need XBMC you call it
either via the desktop/mouse or via the VDR menu
(Applications/Media/XBMC). When you exit XBMC it seamlessly goes back
into VDR.

I found that remote control and sound (including AC3 and DTS) work
seamlessly out of the box now with the latest version.

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