[vdr] Rotor plugin source?

Teemu Suikki tsuikki at zuik.org
Tue Feb 12 12:17:10 CET 2013


I was trying to find source code for the rotor plugin (not rotorng).. all
the links seem to be outdated. Anyone have any version?

I'm really only interested in seeing how the GotoX stuff works. I'm trying
to send gotox command from diseqc.conf, but the dish doesn't move at all.

I have the Eutelsat diseqc 1.2 specification, but the GotoX stuff is marked
preliminary and they talk only about terrestrial antennas.. Must be some

Here's my non-functioning diseqc.conf entry:

#S1.0W - Elevation 17.44, Azimuth 209.62, Motor angle -28.45
S1.0W 11700 V  9750  t W15 [E0 31 6E 0D 07] W15 v t
S1.0W 99999 V 10600  t W15 [E0 31 6E 0D 07] W15 v T
S1.0W 11700 H  9750  t W15 [E0 31 6E 0D 07] W15 V t
S1.0W 99999 H 10600  t W15 [E0 31 6E 0D 07] W15 V T

I actually made a C program that generates these lines for all visible
satellites. This might be of interest to people who are waiting for gotox
support, if I ever get this working..
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