[vdr] Call for translations for VDR version 2.0.0

fnu vdr at auktion.hostingkunde.de
Tue Feb 12 19:17:17 CET 2013

> It's definitely difficult to provide short translations of short english
technical keywords and sentences.

If you don't make in couple of words, why translate it? Keep it in the
proper short technical english original, it's not any prose what need to be
translated sensitively. In many cases it is the same with the german
language ...

Or try any similar meaningful short french word, also no need to translate
technical stuff word by word, why? For that 2 people reading it 2 times in 3
years? If they need it, they should look for the meaning of that technical
points ...

Think about a little question, is there a need to translate "exit"? I know
you guys do it (e.g. sortie), but I guess all of the 7 billion people on
this planet do understand "exit" in it's sense, or not? So what to say, less
is even more in many cases ...

And to explain specific points, a manual might be better idea instead of
overload VDR with any help fuction, have a look e.g at vdr-wiki.de ...

Happy translating, cheers,


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