[vdr] Call for translations for VDR version 2.0.0

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sun Feb 17 16:53:06 CET 2013

Thanks to everybody who helped in translating VDR's texts.
The number of untranslated texts has decreased, but there's
still quite a few of them. It would be great to have all of them
translated for the final version 2.0!

Here's a list of the language files that still need some work,
together with the number of untranslated texts in each of them:

nn_NO.po: 261
el_GR.po: 196
ar.po:    138
sl_SI.po: 134
tr_TR.po: 133
sv_SE.po: 133
pl_PL.po: 133
nl_NL.po: 133
hr_HR.po: 133
es_ES.po: 133
da_DK.po: 133
ca_ES.po: 133
ru_RU.po: 130
zh_CN.po: 129
hu_HU.po: 105
sr_SR.po: 52
cs_CZ.po: 34
pt_PT.po: 27
fi_FI.po: 11
sk_SK.po: 2

Please base your work on the latest version of these files in VDR 1.7.38
and send me proper patches.


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