[vdr] RFC: Adding CPPFLAGS to Makefile

Christopher Reimer vdr at creimer.net
Sat Feb 23 16:28:34 CET 2013

Am 23.02.2013 15:40, schrieb Ville Skyttä:
> On 2013-02-23 14:43, Tobi wrote:
>> VDR's Makefile does not use CPPFLAGS (C-Pre-Processor flags) right 
>> now.
>> Not a big deal and easy to work-around, but for the sake of providing 
>> a
>> "standards-conform" Makefile I suggest adding CPPFLAGS as well.
> +1 to the general idea.
> To take it a bit further, I suppose at least DEFINES, CDEFINES,
> INCLUDES, CINCLUDES could be directly put to CPPFLAGS instead of being
> defined separately.

+1 for Tobi's suggestion and +1 for yours.

I didn't know that there's something else than CXXFLAGS, CFLAGS and 
LDFLAGS. The Archlinux build system only provides these three.

Tobi's patch is minimally invasive (Ready for 2.0), but I'm afraid that 
your suggestion breaks something (better wait for 2.0+)

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