[vdr] half-viewed recordings, can they be moved at the top of the list?

Lars Hanisch dvb at flensrocker.de
Sun Jan 6 13:24:27 CET 2013


Am 06.01.2013 12:33, schrieb Mika Laitio:
> On 01/06/2013 12:31 PM, cedric.dewijs at telfort.nl wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Sometimes I watch a TV show halfway. Then I let VDR shutdown my PC. Then
>> I would like to watch the rest of the show. Then I have to go to the list
>> of TV shows, and find the correct one again.
>> In my opinion it would be easyer for me if the half-watched shows are placed
>> at the top of the list with TV shows. Does such an option exist? How should
>> recordings in a sub-folder be handled? Should those be moved to the top of
>> the list, or copied, or a shortcut be made? I would like to see a shortcut.
> Maybe by extending the current functionality of "0" key that can be used
> for sorting the recordings either by name or date.

 I don't think this is the right way since the order of recordings is per directory and the last viewed recording may be
in some (deep) subdirectory. And I don't see any "last viewed timestamp" at the recording info. Only hint would be the
timestamp of the resume file.


> Mika

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