[vdr] Recording plan

Marx acc.for.news at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 08:49:26 CET 2013

I would like to do/find some automation of choosing what to record from 
TV on VDR.
In previous century :) it was newspaper I had to read and program 
recordings on my VCR.
Now I have VDR, EPG, many web sites with movie descriptions and 
rankings, tracking sites like trakt.de etc.
Hovewer I don't see it integrates well together.
The closest is XMBC which hit PVR usable version. It can use trakt.de to 
mark what I watched, shows EPG and allow to plan recordings, It can scan 
recorded file in IMDB or similair and add it to library (probably, 
didn't do it yet).
Hovewer I prefer to do such things from web or Android interface.
And here is workflow i would like to use:
1) See EPG with good filtering capacity (for example "show only movies")
2) Each movie is checked against "watched" library like trakt.de and 
marked accordingly
3) Each movie I didn't see needs to be find in IMDB or one of many 
others movie databases (main difficulty is languge of EPG which isn't 
english in my country so titles of movies are translated). Informations 
(and maybe rating) should be shown accordingly on EPG
4) Movie I like needs to be planned as recording in VDR

I think all steps are already done, hovewer I didn't find them integrated.

Web interface of VDR have some integration with IMDB only, but it works 
in another window when you click, it doesn't works good with EPG in 
other language then english.
VDR doesn't integrate with trakt.de or some similair site.

I don't even think it should be done on VDR side.
I rather think about some software which works with different sources 
like this:
a) source of EPG from XMLTV, PVR or maybe web site
b) many different PVRs so I can plan recording on VDR and for example 
enigma based tuner
c) different tracking sites
d) different movie database site
e) multiplatform interface (web site with lite version for Android etc?)

I know it's beyond this mailing list but here are many people which 
probably needs something like this


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