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Manfred Schmidt-Voigt manfred.schmidt-voigt at mannitec.de
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Am 2013-01-09 7:49, schrieb Marx:
> Hello
> I would like to do/find some automation of choosing what to record
> from TV on VDR.
> In previous century :) it was newspaper I had to read and program
> recordings on my VCR.
> Now I have VDR, EPG, many web sites with movie descriptions and
> rankings, tracking sites like trakt.de etc.
> Hovewer I don't see it integrates well together.
> The closest is XMBC which hit PVR usable version. It can use trakt.de
> to mark what I watched, shows EPG and allow to plan recordings, It 
> can
> scan recorded file in IMDB or similair and add it to library
> (probably, didn't do it yet).
> Hovewer I prefer to do such things from web or Android interface.
> And here is workflow i would like to use:
> 1) See EPG with good filtering capacity (for example "show only 
> movies")
> 2) Each movie is checked against "watched" library like trakt.de and
> marked accordingly
> 3) Each movie I didn't see needs to be find in IMDB or one of many
> others movie databases (main difficulty is languge of EPG which isn't
> english in my country so titles of movies are translated).
> Informations (and maybe rating) should be shown accordingly on EPG
> 4) Movie I like needs to be planned as recording in VDR
> I think all steps are already done, hovewer I didn't find them 
> integrated.
> Web interface of VDR have some integration with IMDB only, but it
> works in another window when you click, it doesn't works good with 
> in other language then english.
> VDR doesn't integrate with trakt.de or some similair site.
> I don't even think it should be done on VDR side.
> I rather think about some software which works with different sources
> like this:
> a) source of EPG from XMLTV, PVR or maybe web site
> b) many different PVRs so I can plan recording on VDR and for example
> enigma based tuner
> c) different tracking sites
> d) different movie database site
> e) multiplatform interface (web site with lite version for Android 
> etc?)
> I know it's beyond this mailing list but here are many people which
> probably needs something like this
> Marx
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