[vdr] Livebuffer for VDR 2.0

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 01:39:46 CEST 2013

>>  * Option to choose between RAM / HDD
>I don't think that's actually necessary. Make the file-based lifebuffer
>feature rock-solid; if users want to have the buffer in RAM, make them mount a
>tmpfs for that purpose. Should lead to simpler code and, in turn, less bugs :)

I'm one of the people who will never use disk-based buffering. I simply don't
want my hd constantly being hammered so RAM would be my choice and what
you propose seems best afaik.

I also don't want this feature forced on you like mythtv. There should
be the ability
to turn it off completely.

>  * Option to pick the amount of memory / HDD to use


>  * Option to warn if you switch channel and you are watching the buffer (eg.
> "You are watching from the buffer. Changing channel will delete the current
> buffer")

I don't see any point in this. If changing the channel flushes the buffer, you
really only need to mention it once in the changelog/manual/whatever.

>  * Being able to rewind just by hitting the back/rewind button without
> pressing Ok or something else first.

+1 IF the live buffer feature is turned on. If it's off, these keys should
retain their current behavior.

>  * When watching the livebuffer, and you notice that you want to save the
> curent progarm, you should be able to save the tv-program from either the
> beginning of the buffer, or then if the buffer is longer, from the beginning
> of where the program started. This way you will be able to save the whole
> progra (movie etc.)

You can already start an instant recording. I don't think incorporating buffered
content into that would be too unreasonable or complex.

>  * Option to keep X amounts of HDD-buffers after changing channels. Then in
> the recording meny would be an entry where you could watch these buffers,
> and possibly save them as a recording afterwards.

This doesn't really make sense to me. If you want to have recordings of multiple
shows/channels, you should just create timers.

If live-buffering does find it's way into VDR, the last thing I want
it to be is some
big huge complex blob. If anything keep it simple & lean at first, but
designed in
such a way that you can build from its foundation as extra buffering features
are thought up.

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