[vdr] VDR on beaglebone black

Bruce Brucemacintyre at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 21 19:34:11 CEST 2013

I'm working on a project to run VDR on a beaglebone to record ota tv shows.  I only want to use VDR to record shows, not view live or recorded shows.  I have a WD media player for that. So far I have a HD Home Run Dual connected to my ota antenna that inputs about 40 channels, six or so in HD.  It connects to a Netgear gigabyte switch.  My win/xp pc plays the live tv shows just fine.  I added an Addonics NAS with a 1TB drive to the network and stored some .ts Hd files on it. I have a WD tv live plus connected to the network and it plays the .ts samples files perfectly, as does my XP PC.

I just installed Ubuntu 12.04.2 server on the beaglebone and it seems to be working fine.  Now I need to connect the bbb to the nas server. Still working on that. The mount command is giving trouble.  Then I want to install VDR, configure it for the HDHR dual and NAS storage and give recording a try.

Any advice or comments on my approach.  I'm prepared to upgrade to a faster computer if the bbb won't write to the disk fast enough, or the software won't run on this hardware.

Thank you in advance for advice and suggestions.
Bruce MacIntyre - Denver Colorado USA

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