[vdr] VDR unit testing setup

Malte Forkel malte.forkel at berlin.de
Wed Jul 31 09:12:36 CEST 2013

Am 30.07.2013 19:07, schrieb Lars Hanisch:
>  If you want to unit-test your library, wouldn't it be the right way to
> write an vdr-mockup which returns expected values for different
> scenarios so that the behaviour of your library is tested? A
> "real-life" vdr wouldn't be a good test case because you never know if
> you cover all cases.

I don't know. If I knew enough about how VDR and its plugins behave
under all kinds of circumstances to write a mockup, I could probably
write a pretty good library without too much testing :-).

You are right about the problems caused by using a "real-life" VDR for
testing. This is how I test my library right now. But these tests are
hard to reproduce and to run automatically. The larger the library gets,
the more regressions I'm likely to introduce.

I tend to think it might be easier and more realistic to use a regular
VDR installation and control its environment to create reproducable test
conditions. I was hoping someone might have done something like that
before or even had a set of patches to make VDR a little more adapt for
this kind of use.


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