[vdr] Signal problem

Ivo Novák novak at asd-software.cz
Wed Jun 5 13:45:46 CEST 2013

I have same problem as you with Tevii card - USB Tevii S660 and Dual 
TeviiS480. This problem occures with kernel >= 2.6.38.

The problem with green pixellatoin occures in channels in transponders 
with higher symbolrate, typically higher >= 30000 , e.g. transponders
0.8°W     Thor 5     12015.00    H    C16    Europe    DVB-S2 8PSK    
30000 3/4    Telenor, 66.8 Mbps     NID:70    TID:41
0.8°W     Thor 6     12034.00    V    17    K2 Europe    DVB-S2 8PSK    
30000 3/4    UPCD_Thor, 66.8 Mbps     NID:1536    TID:705

Transponders with this parameters are also in other satellites, e.g. for 
SkyItaly ( 13E), Skylink (23E)

Problem occures in kernel 2.6.39. In this kernel is one of most great 
changes for modules - method ALGO_SW / vs. ALGO_HW  for demodulator ...I 
contacted authors without any success .. Ivo Novak

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