[vdr] Signal problem

Ivo Novák novak at asd-software.cz
Thu Jun 6 16:44:55 CEST 2013

Yes, there are SR29900 ... But look there : 
As I remember  up to kernel 3.2 was possible to copy module ( ds3000 ) 
for S660 or S480  from kernel <2.6.38 and compile own kernel module 
ds3000.ko with old method ALGO_SW .
But in higher version I'm not able compile this module due to 
depemdencies  to other modules ....
I have SatixS2Mystique dual card, where DVB-S2 HD works perfectly . I'm 
from CZ and I'm receving transponders from 23.5E  and 0.8W. I tested 
some transponders SkyItaly with SR 29900 with Satix S2 and TeviiS480 
ONLY for "locking" signal on transponders/channels due to scrambled 
signal ...
SatixS2 - works correctly,
S480 with old drivers, kernel <2.6.38  works, with kernel 3.1.x and old 
ds3000  - works too . With kernel >=3.2 - It don't work ...
High, Ivo

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