[vdr] [Dxr3-devel] Dxr3 modify to support Raspberry PI mpg2 decoder?

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Wed Jun 26 09:22:55 CEST 2013

Interesting. I'm planning to buy one Raspberry Pi device, but I hve
never thougt that old dxr3 code can be used again!
I still use one dxr3 card (em8300) in my vdr stuff, it works pretty
well. Probably there is a way to use dxr3 code for RaspPi. Damn, I'm
not a coder... I suppose you should ask Christian (astriancoder)
http://projects.vdr-developer.org/users/35 .


2013/6/23 Harald Lundberg <harald.lundberg at pp.nic.fi>:
> Hi!
> the dxr3 stuff has been laying low for a while, nevertheless it is still my
> favorite output device!
> I’ve recently got a few Raspberry PI’s to play with, the raspberry has an
> MPG2 decoder in hardware (requires a 2.8€ license, though).
> There are a few options to use the Raspberry as a PVR:
> - XBMC + vnsi+ tveheadend.... too complecated and fuzzy UI
> - vdr+VOMPclient (supports HW decode) but has it’s own separate UI (works,
> not that stable)
> - vdr + xineliboutput (supports HW decode), haven’t made it work yet but
> hears somebody has – only binaries at this stage.
> Anyway, I guess mpg2 decoders differ (and sound has to be taken care of as
> well) but how hard would it be to convert dxr3 code to support RasPI? Sound
> could and should probably be decoded in the TV end.
> Comments, anybody?
> --hl
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