[vdr] TT 6400 S2 and DVB subtitles/OSD redraw problem

Heikki Manninen hma at iki.fi
Mon Mar 4 08:11:41 CET 2013


this is probably a driver issue but does anyone here have experienced the
OSD issue with the TechnoTrend 6400 S2 full-featured card when used as

The problem is that for example an open VDR menu will disappear everytime a
new DVB subtitling "sequence" is drawn. Also new subtitles are
"overwritten" on top of the old ones, without clearing.


linux-media-dkms                       0~20120810.git285.323772.3~precise


vdr                                    1.7.33-3yavdr0~precise
vdr-plugin-dvbhddevice                 1.7.33-3yavdr0~precise

On top of Ubuntu 12.04 from yaVDR repos.

Heikki Manninen <hma at iki.fi>
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