[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.7.39

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Mon Mar 4 11:17:38 CET 2013

On 04.03.2013 10:38, Manfred Schmidt-Voigt wrote:
> On 04.03.2013 10:18, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 04.03.2013 10:03, André Weidemann wrote:
>>> Hi Klaus,
>>> On 03.03.2013 14:46, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>> - When sorting recordings by name, folders are now always at the top of
>>>> the list.
>>> I installed 1.7.39 last night and the new sorting is what bugs me
>>> most. Would it be possible to introduce an option for the sorting
>>> order under settings in the menu? I prefer the sorting the way it was,
>>> because with the new method, a folder and a recording with the same
>>> name are not next to each
>>> other anymore. If you take the burn plugin e.g. I think it is rater
>>> painful if you try to archive those "scattered" recordings.
>> OK, I'll add a parameter to setup.conf. I've already suggested this here
>> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board17-developer/board97-vdr-core/p1130488-feature-request-sortierreihenfolge-verzeichnisse-zuerst-im-osd-unter-aufnahmen/#post1130488
>> However, this won't show up in the Setup menu of version 2.0.0, because
>> it's too late for
>> introducing another i18n text (most of the *.po files are already
>> complete).
>> Klaus
> Hi Klaus,
> is it really necessary to make this sorting stuff configurable? Is it not better just to stick to "0" for toggeling though all these different Sort Algorithms (date up/down, lexicalic up/down, lexicalic filemanager style up/down,...). Sometimes, when I search for an recording (a 8TByte Raid could
> held a lot of recordings) it could also be helpfull to have a list only with all recordings without directories (only with the title base dir of this recording), also again with up down. I think its more important to have a config possibility for the columns to show ( yes I like "extrec"-Plugin also
> for the renaming facility). And the more people you ask, the more strange sort wishes you will get...

And that's probably why it's best to not even begin to ask ;-).

I want to keep things simple. There are two basic ways of sorting, that's "by name" and "by time".
There's no need for an explicit "up/down", because with a single keypress you can go to the
end of the list (provided you have set "Setup/OSD/Scroll wraps" to "yes").

Whether folders are sorted alphabetically within the recordings, or always appear at
the top of the list, is a more general setting, which I don't think people will want
to set differently for each directory.

I'll see about implementing a list of all recordings after version 2.0.


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