[vdr] EEPG plugin, summaries in Polish?

Teemu Suikki tsuikki at zuik.org
Tue Mar 5 22:03:32 CET 2013


I'm using: vdr-plugin-eepg-0.0.5.git20121123

It works very well. However I'm wondering, why do some Sky UK channels have
summaries in polish? :) Where do they come from?

For example, FTA channel CBS Action, clip from my EPG,

C S28.2E-2-2311-52007 CBS Action
E 772 1362510000 3600 30 FF
T Walker, Texas Ranger
D Chuck Norris fights crime and helps the community as the eponymous
Walker. Garrett Stone, who Walker helps put away years prior, is paroled
and resumes his life of crime. S6 Ep3/23|Category: ROZRYWKA INNE
G 60
X 2 01 eng
X 1 01 und 4:3

Is this related to the snippet from eepg-plugin README:
"-On Sky Italy and Sky UK, a lot of "summaries not found" are reported.
This is
 because it is not (yet) known where the "summary available" flag is coded
in the
 OpenTV protocol used, so all titles are assumed to have a summary

Perhaps in that case, some random summary is used from some previous scan?

Teemu Suikki
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