[vdr] read-only video directory

Stephan Loescher loescher at gmx.de
Wed Mar 6 21:29:23 CET 2013


Am 03/05/13 10:35, schrieb Peter Münster:
> How is it possible, to mount the video directory in read-only mode?
> I want to use a slave vdr like this:
> vdr -Pstreamdev-client -Pxineliboutput -v/net/media/data/video
> But it does not work, because /net/media/data is mounted read-only.

The workaround I use is to mount the server in a subdirectory e.g. mount 
the server-directory to /net/media/data/video/servervideo and start the 
client-vdr like this:
vdr -Pstreamdev-client -Pxineliboutput -v/net/media/data/video


loescher at gmx.de

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