[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] skin nOpacity 0.1.0

Stefan Braun louis.braun at gmx.de
Wed Mar 13 15:52:18 CET 2013


One additional technical remark: the skin uses intensively the eMenuCategory enumeration introduced in VDR 1.7.34 to determinate which menu has to be displayed and if this menu should be displayed narrowly or in default style. 

So plugins like epgsearch or extrecmenu which replace VDR menus also have to set correct MenuCategories to be displayed correctly by the skin. In the newest versions of these plugins this is already implemented, so you should use always the latest git version of these plugins.

One remaining issue with older plugins which are not already adapted to this new behaviour is the following: in plugins with dedicated setup menus which inherit from cMenuSetupPage the menu category mcSetup is set by the constructor of VDRs cMenuSetupPage, but this category should only be used by the main setup menu from VDR (which is diplayed narrow by default in the skin). To solve this, in the constructors of these plugin menus a different menu category (for instance mcSetupPlugins) has to be set via a call to SetMenuCategory:


Cheers Louis

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