[vdr] Audio only output device?

imap.gmx.de herbert at moers-family.de
Thu Mar 14 22:07:57 CET 2013

> Am 13.03.2013 15:09, schrieb F?ley Istv?n:
>> Subcribe.
> To what?
> Gerald
> !DSPAM:5140aac1168913192934288!

I'm actually also looking for this since a while. I'm running vdr 1.7.27 on 
a Goflex as headless server. Usually I attach clients via streamdev, but 
when I'm in the room where it is located, I would like to use it for 
listening to radio channels without any further equipment. For that i would 
like to output the current channels audio to an ALSA device (analog or 
SPDIF). Bitstream plugin does not compile against this version and the -a 
option is no more existing. Or did i oversee something?

Herbert Moers

P.S.: Gerald, thanks for the repository ;-) 

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