[vdr] Patch: Add 'MUTEON' and 'MUTEOFF' options to the SVDRP VOLU command

Sebastian Frei sebastian at familie-frei.net
Thu Mar 21 20:48:29 CET 2013

Hi all,

I made a tiny patch to extend the SVDRP VOLU command.
Up until now VDR only had an option to _toggle_ the current audio muted status,
but no options to force the audio muted status on or off. I want to mute the
audio via SVDRP and unmute it again later.

My usecase: I'm running mpd on the same host as VDR, if I start playing music
with mpd from my tablet I can mute VDR automatically with a shell script and
unmute it again after stopping the music.
Using the (already implemented) VOLU 0 command also mutes the audio, but the
previous audio volume gets lost, so you cannot unmute audio again and return to
the previous volume.

Best regards

--- vdr-1.7.41/svdrp.c	2013-02-17 14:17:36.000000000 +0100
+++ vdr-1.7.41.mute/svdrp.c	2013-03-21 20:30:53.440746278 +0100
@@ -317,12 +317,13 @@
   "    Initiates a re-read of the recordings directory, which is the SVDRP\n"
   "    equivalent to 'touch .update'.",
-  "VOLU [ <number> | + | - | mute ]\n"
+  "VOLU [ <number> | + | - | mute | muteon | muteoff ]\n"
   "    Set the audio volume to the given number (which is limited to the range\n"
   "    0...255). If the special options '+' or '-' are given, the volume will\n"
   "    be turned up or down, respectively. The option 'mute' will toggle the\n"
-  "    audio muting. If no option is given, the current audio volume level will\n"
-  "    be returned.",
+  "    audio muting, 'muteon' will turn muting on, 'muteoff' will turn muting\n"
+  "    off.  If no option is given, the current audio volume level will be\n"
+  "    returned.",
   "    Exit vdr (SVDRP).\n"
   "    You can also hit Ctrl-D to exit.",
@@ -1609,6 +1610,10 @@
      else if (strcasecmp(Option, "MUTE") == 0)
+     else if ((strcasecmp(Option, "MUTEON") == 0)&&(!cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->IsMute()))
+        cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->ToggleMute();
+     else if ((strcasecmp(Option, "MUTEOFF") == 0)&&(cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->IsMute()))
+        cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->ToggleMute();
      else {
         Reply(501, "Unknown option: \"%s\"", Option);
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