[vdr] Livebuffer for VDR 2.0

EikeSauer at t-online.de EikeSauer at t-online.de
Mon Mar 25 10:09:29 CET 2013


> Now that VDR 2.0 is just around the corner i would like to check if 
> there is any progress to the great livebuffer that was back in the 1.6

> days? I tested a 1.7.x version some long time ago, but that  did not 
> work as well as the "original" version..

I never tested Ye Good Olde livebuffer, but I can offer this one:


It's a plugin with a minimal VDR patch automatically recording live TV
to disc. 
>From what I've read, it is less sophisticated and it crashes less than

Klaus said that he thinks about internal livebuffer functionality in VDR
after 2.0.


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