[vdr] Channel update on HD transponders broken?

Antti Hartikainen ami+vdr at ah.fi
Sun Mar 31 08:52:19 CEST 2013

On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 01:33:30AM +0100, Udo Richter wrote:
> Hi list,
> I've noticed that I don't get channel updates any more on most of the
> German HD transponders, since my update from 1.7.37 to 1.7.41 on
> 2013-03-16. I'm running VDR in "add new transponders" full update mode.
> I didn't check 1.7.42 yet, sorry.
> I'm running a very minimal old patch that tracks the time of the last
> channel update, so I'm pretty sure that the channel update stopped
> exactly at 2013-03-16 for all channels on the following 19.2E transponders:
> 10773 (ANIXE HD/BetaDigital),
> 10802 (ASTRA 3D Demo/BetaDigital),
> 11082 (RTL HD Austria),
> 11170 (OrangeSAT),
> 11302 (ORF1 HD),
> 11332 (Syfy HD/SKY),
> 11361 (ZDF HD),
> 11464 (ProSieben HD),
> 11493 (Das Erste HD).
> All other transponders get updated normally. To check whether channel
> update works, try to edit the channel name of Das Erste HD. Channel
> update should restore the original name almost instantly.
> First, can someone reproduce this with their VDR? I don't want to stop
> the presses unnecessarily.


I have no solution for your problem, but I have noticed that "update channels" does not work on Digiturk DVB-S2 transponders on 7°E. But it has never worked for me, and I've 
been using VDR with rotor since 1.7.32 (now 1.7.40). Scanning with dvbscan does show the channels and their names.

I've manually added transponder info on channels.conf, but I get no channels. Channel PIDs get changed but no other channels from the transponder is received, and channel 
names are not updated.

Here's a channels.conf entry for TRT HD, which is a FTA channel:

10845HS2:10845:HC56M2O20S1:S7.0E:30000:2432=27:3435=ORJ at 3;3434=tur at 106:0:0:8108:126:20700:0

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