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Lars Hanisch dvb at flensrocker.de
Thu May 9 09:41:23 CEST 2013


Am 09.05.2013 08:49, schrieb Marx:
> I'm trying to configure noepg headless. Some time ago I had GUI and configured noepeg, but now it's headless and after
> channels update I need to configure it again.
> While there is no documentation, I've found thread describing it:
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board16-video-disk-recorder/board55-vdr-plugins/p961213-noepg-konfiguration/

 I think that old thread is about the noepg-patch. If your vdr is recent enough (and contains the EpgHandler interface)
you can use the noepg plugin.


 The format of the settings.conf file is described in the README:


 If you want to block some channels from receiving DVB-EPG it's just:


 If you want to get DVB-EPG only for some channels and block all other:


 I hope this helps.


> Hovewer I use DVB-T and so channels have format like V-0-3588-1 V-0-2916-1 V-0-2917-1 V-0-3589-1 V-0-2805-1 V-0-3700-1
> My channels list doesn't contain anything like 3588, 2916 etc so I don't know how to manually build this list.
> I'm attaching at the end my channels.conf.
> Marx
> :DVB-T
> TVP1
> HD;EmiTel:191500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:102=27:103=pol at 3;104=qaa at 122,108=aux at 122:105;106=pol,109=eng:0:1:8808:1:0
> TVP1;EmiTel:184500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:102=27:104=pol at 4;103=qaa at 122,108=aux at 122:105;106=pol,109=eng:0:44:8808:3:0
> TVP2
> HD;EmiTel:184500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:202=27:204=pol at 4;203=qaa at 122,208=aux at 122:205;206=pol,209=eng:0:2:8808:3:0
> TVP2;EmiTel:191500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:202=27:203=pol at 3;204=qaa at 122:205;206=pol,209=eng:0:45:8808:1:0
> Polsat;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:102=27:103=pol at 4;104=mul at 122:105;106=pol:0:3:8808:2:0
> TVN;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:202=27:203=pol at 4;204=mul at 106:205;206=pol:0:4:8808:2:0
> TVN Siedem;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:502=27:503=pol at 4;504=mul at 106:505;506=pol:0:23:8808:2:0
> TV4;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:302=27:303=pol at 4,308=aux at 4:305:0:5:8808:2:0
> TV Puls;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:402=27:403=pol at 4:0:0:6:8808:2:0
> PULS 2;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:602=27:603=pol at 4:0:0:24:8808:2:0
> TV6;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:702=27:703=pol at 4,708=aux at 4:0:0:25:8808:2:0
> Polsat Sport News;EmiTel:177500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:802=27:803=pol at 4:0:0:26:8808:2:0
> TVP Kultura;EmiTel:184500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:402=27:404=pol at 4;403=qaa at 106:405;406=pol:0:31:8808:3:0
> TVP Historia;EmiTel:184500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:502=27:504=pol at 4;503=aux at 106:505:0:32:8808:3:0
> TVP Polonia;EmiTel:184500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:602=27:603=pol at 4:605:0:33:8808:3:0
> TVP Rozrywka;EmiTel:184500:I999B7C78D0M64T4G16Y0:T:27500:3402=27:3403=pol at 4;3408=aux at 122:0:0:34:8808:3:0
> TVP INFO Katowice;EmiTel:191500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:1102=27:1104=pol at 4:1105:0:11:8808:1:0
> ESKA TV;EmiTel:191500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:302=27:303=pol at 3:0:0:27:8808:1:0
> TTV;EmiTel:191500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:402=27:403=pol at 3;404=mul at 106:405:0:28:8808:1:0
> POLO TV;EmiTel:191500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:502=27:503=pol at 3:0:0:29:8808:1:0
> ATM Rozrywka;EmiTel:191500:I999B7C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:602=27:603=pol at 3,608=aux at 3:0:0:30:8808:1:0
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