[vdr] Really stupid question about Full-Function DVB Cards

Füley István aironet at tigercomp.ro
Sun Nov 17 12:16:53 CET 2013

Why do you need a DVB-C card?
You can use the FF DVB-S card for playback (output) only:
" -Pdvbsddevice --outputonly "



2013.11.17. 13:09 keltezéssel, Brian-Imap írta:
> Hi,
> dont kill me please..............
> I'm using a 4 Tuner Cine 2 DVB S2 setup for recording  TV programs.
> For playback I was using a DVB-C FF Card, so this was not being used
> to record as there were no Cable channel entries defined and no cable
> attached to it. Worked perfectly, but now the DVB C card has broken.
> So I need a replacement. But I have multiple FF DVB-S cards laid around
> here not in use.  As the dvbttpci driver is only used for this one card,
> wouldn't it be possible to patch the driver so that it reports the DVB-S
> card as a DVB-C card? Maybe even by an optional parameter?
> That way I wouldn't need to buy a new DVB-C card.
> Stupid idea or not?
> Cheers Brian
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