[vdr] DNS-323 NAS with 64MB ram, can this run VDR?

Gerald Dachs vdr at dachsweb.de
Mon Nov 18 16:09:12 CET 2013

Am 2013-11-18 15:26, schrieb cedric.dewijs at telfort.nl:
> Hi All,
> I have been given a D-link DNS-323 NAS. This machine runs linux, but
> only has 64MB RAM.
> I have tested on my x86 machine. VDR uses 28MB RAM while idle, and
> this rises to 48MB while decrypting and recording one SD channel.
> Is it possible to run VDR on this machine? How can I keep the RAM
> usage low?

RAM is not the problem. An ARM CPU with 1.2 GHz ist maxed out 
decrypting one HD stream. I doubt that your CPU has more performance.


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