[vdr] Fix SIGNALSTRENGTH in vdr 2.0.3 TechniSat SkyStar 2 DVB-S rev 2.3P - dvbdevice.c

Guido Cordaro guido.cordaro at tiscali.it
Sun Oct 13 14:42:46 CEST 2013

I understand your position ... and I modified the code again ...

Without another unnecessary code I managed to make work well for the 
Signal Strength as I did with the first patch ...

Tested by recompiling code VDR-2.0.3

New Patch to Fix Signal Strength in The Netsystem Skystar2 TechniSat 
DVB-S device ...

It does not damage any other device in their operation ... in this way 
... almost the same as before the source code ...

Guido Cordaro

Il 13/10/2013 11:53, Klaus Schmidinger ha scritto:
> On 13.10.2013 11:00, guido.cordaro at tiscali.it wrote:
>> Il 13/10/2013 10:51, guido.cordaro at tiscali.it ha scritto:
>>> Thanks Klaus Schmidinger
>>> For having responded to my e-mail
>>> This' modified code that you send as an attachment ...
>>> Files created with " diff -urN <orig> <mod>> new.diff "
> Can you please elaborate on these changes?
> Why did you pull stuff like FE_HAS_..., BER and UNC (as used in 
> GetSignalQuality()) into
> GetSignalStrength()?
> I can't accept the changes to Min- and MaxSignal in case of the 
> "TT-budget S2-3200".
> I have such cards and they work fine with the original values.
> I'm really not sure what to make of your patch. It appears to me
> like randomly winging in things that just may or may not work.
> Unless you can give me some reasonable and clear arguments as to
> why things should be changed that way, I'm afraid I can't accept this.
> Klaus
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