[vdr] [PATCH] Update satellites in default sources.conf

Antti Hartikainen ami+vdr at ah.fi
Mon Jan 6 13:39:40 CET 2014

On Mon, Jan 06, 2014 at 12:24:38PM +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 06.01.2014 11:28, Antti Hartikainen wrote:
> > Hi.
> >
> > I thought it would be time to finally update outdated sources.conf. Patch is against sources.conf delivered with VDR 2.1.3.
> >
> > Some things came up, and I would like to hear some opinions about them.
> >
> > There was/is entries like:
> >
> > S28.2E for Astra 2 satellites and
> > S28.5E for Eutelsat satellite at almost same orbital position
> >
> > Both satellites are supposed to be watched with one dish and LNB, but still they have their own entries in sources.conf.
> >
> > Similar example is "S1W Thor 5/6 & Intelsat 10-02". Thor satellites are positioned 0.2 degrees apart from Intelsat.
> >
> > So should these satellites nearby eachother to be combined as one, or should every one to be separated as its own position?
> If these are officially two separate positions, they should be contained as such
> in sources.conf.
> I have encountered the same problem while implementing the DiSEqC configuration
> dialog. My approach will be to make cDiseqcs::Get() search for a suitable
> DiSEqC entry with a certain tolerance. A value of +/-0.3 degrees would cover
> the cases you mentioned. Or should it be even +/-0.5?

This is why I wanted to join them together, so if such change will be made, separate close to eachother positions don't really matter. I think 
0.5 degrees might be too much apart (depends of configuration.. dish size specially) and rare condition, and making VDR to steer dish "in 
between" two would make too much complicity, right?

> > In this patch I have combined 28.2E and 28.5E positions as one 28.2E position, as atleast I have set them both up as one single position.
> Sorry, I don't think this is a good idea.
> Please make them separate again if you want your patch to be adopted.

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't aware if this is intentional or just by mistake. I changed it back to two separate positions in revised patch.

> > I also wanted to change S1W to S0.8W, as it's more true, but I can imagine it would cause a lot of trouble for people who are using the default
> > sources.conf file as their sources.conf, so for now I left it as is. It doesn't really matter, but improves signal strength for people using
> > USALS. :)
> The satellite position that is broadcast in the SatelliteDeliverySystemDescriptor's
> OrbitalPosition/EastWestFlag on that satellite actually says 1.0W, so I'd say that's
> what should be in sources.conf.

I agree. I haven't examined any of such data that satellites may broadcast. Ofcourse I would prefer to keep official values for them. I made some 
slight changes to some postions like 3E -> 3.1E, but I have changed them back to original in revised patch. I didn't check what they broadcast, 
as I don't have knowhow to read such broadcast information from stream. There was some completely new positions in Asia and America region, so I 
have no possiblity to check any official positions for them anyway, as I reside in Europe and have no possibility to receive them.

So v2 patch does not change any positions, only changes satellite names and adds new and removes old, no longer used satellite positions.
Also in v2 changed "Hotbird" to "Eutelsat Hot Bird", as it is now called as such.
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--- sources.conf.orig	2013-05-23 13:10:23.000000000 +0300
+++ sources.conf	2014-01-06 14:35:50.089495627 +0200
@@ -19,57 +19,59 @@
 # Europe
-S3E     Eutelsat 3A & Rascom 1R
-S4E     Eurobird 4A
-S4.8E   Astra 4A
-S7E     Eutelsat W3A
-S9E     Eurobird 9A
-S10E    Eutelsat W2A
-S13E    Hotbird 6/8/9
-S16E    Eutelsat W2M & Eurobird 16A
-S19.2E  Astra 1H/1KR/1L/1M/2C
-S21.6E  Eutelsat W6
-S23.5E  Astra 3A/3B
-S25.5E  Eurobird 2
+S3E     Eutelsat 3A/3D & Rascom 1R
+S4E     Eutelsat 4B
+S4.8E   Astra 4A & SES 5
+S7E     Eutelsat 7A
+S9E     Eutelsat 9A/Ka-Sat 9A
+S10E    Eutelsat 10A
+S13E    Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/13C/13D
+S16E    Eurobird 16A/16B
+S17E    Amos 5
+S19.2E  Astra 1KR/1L/1M/2C
+S21.6E  Eutelsat 21B
+S23.5E  Astra 3B
+S25.5E  Eutelsat 25B
 S26E    Badr 4/5/6
-S28.2E  Astra 2A/2B/2D
-S28.5E  Eurobird 1
+S28.2E  Astra 1N/2A/2F
+S28.5E  Eutelsat 28A
 S30.5E  Arabsat 5A
 S31.5E  Astra 1G
-S33E    Eurobird 3 & Intelsat New Dawn
-S36E    Eutelsat W4/W7
-S38E    Paksat 1
+S33E    Eutelsat 33A & Intelsat 28
+S36E    Eutelsat 36A/36B
+S38E    Paksat 1R
 S39E    Hellas Sat 2
-S40E    Express AM1
 S42E    Turksat 2A/3A
 S45E    Intelsat 12
+S46E    Azerspace-1
+S47.5E  Intelsat 10
 S49E    Yamal 202
+S52.5E  Yahsat 1A
 S53E    Express AM22
-S55E    Insat 3E
-S56E    Bonum 1
+S56E    DirecTV 1R
 S57E    NSS 12
 S60E    Intelsat 904
 S62E    Intelsat 902
 S64E    Intelsat 906
 S66E    Intelsat 17
 S68.5E  Intelsat 7/10
-S70.5E  Eutelsat W5
-S72E    Intelsat 709
+S70.5E  Eutelsat 70B
+S72E    Intelsat 22
 # Asia
 S74E    Insat 3C/4CR
 S75E    ABS 1A
-S76.5E  Apstar 2R
-S78.5E  Thaicom 5
-S80E    Express AM2/MD1
-S83E    Insat 2E/4A
-S85.2E  Intelsat 15
-S87.5E  Chinasat 5A
-S88E    ST 1/2
-S90E    Yamal 201
+S76.5E  Apstar 7
+S78.5E  Thaicom 5/6A
+S80E    Express AM2
+S83E    Insat 4A
+S85.2E  Intelsat 15 & Horizons 2
+S87.5E  ChinaSat 12
+S88E    ST 2
+S90E    Yamal 201/300K
 S91.5E  Measat 3/3A
-S92.2E  Chinasat 9
+S92.2E  ChinaSat 9
 S93.5E  Insat 3A/4B
 S95E    NSS 6
 S96.5E  Express AM33
@@ -77,21 +79,22 @@
 S103E   Express A2
 S105.5E Asiasat 3S
 S108.2E Telkom 1 & NSS 11 & SES 7
-S110E   N-Sat 110 & BSAT 2C/3A
-S110.5E Chinasat 10
+S110E   N-Sat 110 & BSAT 3A/3C
+S110.5E ChinaSat 10
 S113E   Palapa D & Koreasat 5
-S116E   Koreasat 6
+S115.5E ChinaSat 6B
+S116E   ABS 7 & Koreasat 6
 S118E   Telkom 2
+S119.5E Thaicom 4
 S122.2E Asiasat 4
-S124E   JCSAT 4A
-S125E   Chinasat 6A
-S132E   Vinasat 1 & JCSAT5A
+S124E   JCSAT 4B
+S125E   ChinaSat 6A
+S128E   JCSAT 3A
+S132E   Vinasat 1/2 & JCSAT 5A
 S134E   Apstar 6
 S138E   Telstar 18
 S140E   Express AM3
 S144E   Superbird C2
-S146E   ABS 5
 S150E   JCSAT 1B
 S152E   Optus D2
 S154E   JCSAT 2A
@@ -99,73 +102,73 @@
 S160E   Optus D1
 S162E   Superbird B2
 S164E   Optus B3
-S166E   Intelsat 8
-S169E   Intelsat 5
-S172E   GE 23
-S180E   Intelsat 701
+S166E   Intelsat 19
+S169E   Intelsat 8
+S172E   Eutelsat 172A
+S180E   Intelsat 18
 S177W   NSS 9
 # Atlantic
 S1W     Thor 5/6 & Intelsat 10-02
 S4W     Amos 2/3
-S5W     Atlantic Bird 3
-S7W     Nilesat 101/102/201 & Atlantic Bird 4A
-S8W     Telecom 2D & Atlantic Bird 2
+S5W     Eutelsat 5 West A
+S7W     Nilesat 101/201 & Eutelsat 7 West A
+S8W     Eutelsat 8 West A/C
 S11W    Express AM44
-S12.5W  Atlantic Bird 1
+S12.5W  Eutelsat 12 West A
 S14W    Express A4
 S15W    Telstar 12
 S18W    Intelsat 901
-S20W    NSS 5
-S22W    NSS 7
+S20W    NSS 7
+S22W    SES 4
 S24.5W  Intelsat 905
 S27.5W  Intelsat 907
-S30W    Hispasat 1C/1D/1E
+S30W    Hispasat 1D/1E
 S31.5W  Intelsat 25
 S34.5W  Intelsat 903
 S37.5W  NSS 10 & Telstar 11N
-S40.5W  NSS 806
+S40.5W  SES 6
 S43W    Intelsat 11
 S45W    Intelsat 14
 S50W    Intelsat 1R
-S53W    Intelsat 707
+S53W    Intelsat 23
 S55.5W  Intelsat 805
-S58W    Intelsat 9/16
-S61W    Amazonas 1/2
+S58W    Intelsat 21
+S61W    Amazonas 2/3
 # America
-S61.5W  Echostar 12/15
+S61.5W  Echostar 16
 S63W    Telstar 14R
 S65W    Star One C1
+S67W    AMC 4
 S70W    Star One C2
 S72W    AMC 6
-S72.5W  DirecTV 1R & Nimiq 5
-S74W    Horizons 2
-S77W    Echostar 1/8
-S79W    AMC 2/5
+S72.7W  Nimiq 5
+S75W    Star One C3
+S77W    QuetzSat 1
 S82W    Nimiq 4
 S83W    AMC 9
 S84W    Brasilsat B4
 S85W    AMC 16
 S85.1W  XM 3
-S87W    AMC 3
+S87W    SES 2
 S89W    Galaxy 28
-S91W    Galaxy 17 & Nimiq 1
-S93W    Galaxy 25
+S91W    Galaxy 17 & Nimiq 6
+S93.1W  Galaxy 25
 S95W    Galaxy 3C
 S97W    Galaxy 19
-S99W    Galaxy 16
-S99.2W  Spaceway 2 & DirecTV 11
+S99.2W  Galaxy 16
 S101W   DirecTV 4S/8 & SES 1
 S103W   AMC 1
 S105W   AMC 15/18
-S107.3W Anik F1/F1R
+S107.3W Anik F1R/G1
 S110W   DirecTV 5 & Echostar 10/11
 S111.1W Anik F2
 S113W   SatMex 6
-S116.8W SatMex 5
+S114.9W SatMex 5
+S116.8W SatMex 8
 S118.8W Anik F3
 S119W   Echostar 14 & DirecTV 7S
 S121W   Echostar 9/Galaxy 23
@@ -174,7 +177,7 @@
 S127W   Galaxy 13/Horizons 1
 S129W   Ciel 2
 S131W   AMC 11
-S133W   Galaxy 13/15
+S133W   Galaxy 15
 S135W   AMC 10
 S137W   AMC 7
 S139W   AMC 8

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