[vdr] VDR test series about frame detector

Michal Novotny michal at lightcomp.cz
Thu Jan 16 15:27:52 CET 2014


I've scanned my archive and this is a result:

1114 Maximum TS package frame size needed for this video recording: 5
    9 Maximum TS package frame size needed for this video recording: 6

All is SD content from DVB-T in Czech Republic.


On 01/14/2014 09:34 PM, Eike wrote:
> Hello!
> I need some help from VDR users - for variety reasons especially from those not in Germany.
> There's a glitch in the frame detection of VDR. It sometimes misses the first possibility to record a stream.
> It looks on frames of at least 5 * 188 bytes, and depending on the stream, sometimes 6 frames are needed.
> Trouble is, I'm not sure if 6 is enough for everybody. Thus I need your tests.
> You need ot be able to compile a VDR to help. First, in the VDR directory, you do a:
>> make
> Then you compile the attached C++ file (unziped, of course):
>> g++ -c framedetectortest.cpp
> Then you're linking it:
> g++ -o framedetectortest framedetectortest.o remux.o ringbuffer.o thread.o tools.o i18n.o sections.o channels.o device.o audio.o ci.o receiver.o transfer.o player.o osdbase.o
> status.o skins.o osd.o config.o font.o sources.o menu.o recording.o videodir.o timers.o epg.o dvbplayer.o menuitems.o remote.o keys.o interface.o plugin.o cutter.o themes.o
> svdrp.o eit.o eitscan.o shutdown.o filter.o sourceparams.o dvbsubtitle.o pat.o sdt.o nit.o dvbdevice.o diseqc.o recorder.o dvbci.o libsi/libsi.a -lfontconfig -lfreetype -lpthread -ldl -
> ljpeg
> Now you've got an application called framedetectortest, which you can feed your vdr recordings (*.ts files) to:
>> ./framedetectortest 00002.ts
> The output looks about like this:
> Checking file at offset 0
> Without frame limit... Found I frame after 99452 bytes
> With frame limit 5... Found I frame after 220336 bytes
> With frame limit 6... Found I frame after 99452 bytes
> TS package frame size needed for this video block: 6
> Maximum TS package frame size needed for this video recording: 6
> I need reports which number your stream resulted in (the "Maximum TS package frame size") and what you've tested
> (Cable? Satellite? Terrestrical? HD, SD? Your country?). The result is interesting even if it is 5 or 6.
> Thanks in advance,
> Eike
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