[vdr] [PLUGIN] recsearch - a simple search for recordings

Carsten Koch CarstenKochElsdorf at web.de
Sun Jan 19 16:09:26 CET 2014

On 01/19/14 13:53, Stephan Loescher wrote:
> Would it be possible (as a new feature) to filter/search/sort for 
> recordings by recording-lifetime and/or if it is SD or HD?

I had the same problem (long time ago).
As a simple solution, I wrote a small python script
that creates folders with "virtual" recordings
(symbolic links to the real recordings).
The tool creates /video/Surround, /video/HD
and /video/Surround+HD. Inside each of them
there is the same subfolder structure as under
/video, except that they contain only the corresponding

Here is the source:

import os
import shutil
import sys

video_dir = "/video"

def linkto(root, name):

    components = []
    for root_component in root.split('/')[2:]:
       if root_component.startswith('%'):
    source = os.path.join(video_dir, '/'.join(components))
    target = os.path.join(video_dir, name, '/'.join(components))
    target_parent = os.path.join(video_dir, name, '/'.join(components[:-1]))
    if not os.path.exists(target_parent):
    os.symlink(source, target)
for subdir in ("Surround", "HD", "Surround+HD"):
    path = os.path.join(video_dir, subdir)
    if os.path.exists(path):
surround_dirs = []
hd_dirs = []
surround_hd_dirs = []
for root, dummy_dirs, files in os.walk(video_dir, followlinks=True):
    if '%' in root and ("info" in files or "info.vdr" in files):
       surround = False
       hd = False
       for line in open(os.path.join(root, "info" if "info" in files else "info.vdr")):
          if line.startswith("X "):
             if " 5.1" in line:
                surround = True
             elif "high definition Video" in line:
                hd = True
       if surround:
       if hd:
       if surround and hd:

for root in surround_dirs:
    linkto(root, "Surround")
for root in hd_dirs:
    linkto(root, "HD")
for root in surround_hd_dirs:
    linkto(root, "Surround+HD")

Cheers, Carsten.

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