[vdr] [PLUGIN] recsearch - a simple search for recordings

Lars Hanisch dvb at flensrocker.de
Mon Jan 20 20:33:53 CET 2014

Am 19.01.2014 13:53, schrieb Stephan Loescher:
> Am 01/19/14 11:37, schrieb Lars Hanisch:
>>   here's the plugin, which uses it: recsearch
> [...]
>>   It's a simple search for name, shorttext and description, the status (new/edited) and age of a recording.
>>   The main reason for me was to get a quick list of the new recordings of the last week.
> Hi Lars,
> Wonderful!
> Would it be possible (as a new feature) to filter/search/sort for recordings by recording-lifetime and/or if it is SD or
> HD?

 "sorting" is done by recordings menu of vdr. No chance, that recsearch can add there an alternative sort mechanism (for

 "lifetime" is a property of cRecording, so yes, it's possible to add a filter for this.

 Neither cRecording nor cRecordingInfo provides anything so recsearch can decide, if it's SD or HD. Sorry, can't add
something there...


> My use case is this: I normally like to view "important" and high-quality recordings first, which I typically sort
> manually in this order:
> 1. Lifetime (L) 99 and HD
> 2. L99 + SD
> 3. L98 + HD
> 4. L98 + SD
> 5. L<98 + HD
> 6. L<98 + SD
> Regards,
> Stephan.

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