[vdr] VDR test series about frame detector

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Tue Jan 28 14:01:45 CET 2014

The attached patch increases MIN_TS_PACKETS_FOR_FRAME_DETECTOR to 100
and itroduces counting the number of actual video TS packets in cTsPayload
in order to be able to record channels that sometimes need even more than
10 TS packets for detecting frame borders.

While the frame type can typically be detected by processing at most two
video TS packets, there may be several TS packets from other PIDs between
the first and second video TS packet. Previously cTsPayload counted all
TS packets against MIN_TS_PACKETS_FOR_FRAME_DETECTOR, and that number was
intentionally kept small in order to keep the actual data processing at
a minimum. With this patch, MIN_TS_PACKETS_FOR_FRAME_DETECTOR will be set
to a presumably very safe large value, which only has an impact on the
ringbuffer and should not increase processing costs there. The new
MAX_TS_PACKETS_FOR_VIDEO_FRAME_DETECTION now defines the number of actual
video TS packets that will be processed. There are also WRN_... macros in
remux.c, which control some debug messages in case the safety margin
for these limits is exceeded. You can try setting these to lower values
for experimenting.

Please try this patch and let me know if the warning is ever triggered with
the given values (or, in case you're experimenting with reduced values, what
were the highest values that still triggered warnings).

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