[vdr] 15 years of VDR - time for a new stable version!

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sun Feb 1 15:24:31 CET 2015

On February 19 (less than 3 weeks from now) it's going to be 15 years
since the release of the very first revision of VDR. To celebrate this
anniversary I'm planning on releasing a new stable version 2.2.0 on that
very day.

In order to help making this new version as stable as possible, please
test the developer version 2.1.8 that I have just released today very
thoroughly and report any bugs you might find. There will be one more
developer version (2.1.9) which I plan to release next sunday (Feb 8).

I would also appreciate if you could provide any missing translations
for the OSD texts. Here's a list of all *.po files that need to be
updated, followed by the number of missing translations:

ar.po: 49
ca_ES.po: 49
cs_CZ.po: 49
da_DK.po: 182
el_GR.po: 245
es_ES.po: 49
et_EE.po: 10
fr_FR.po: 49
hr_HR.po: 182
hu_HU.po: 49
it_IT.po: 10
lt_LT.po: 49
mk_MK.po: 49
nl_NL.po: 49
nn_NO.po: 310
pl_PL.po: 49
pt_PT.po: 77
ro_RO.po: 10
ru_RU.po: 49
sk_SK.po: 49
sl_SI.po: 50
sr_RS.po: 49
sv_SE.po: 49
tr_TR.po: 182
uk_UA.po: 49
zh_CN.po: 49

Thanks to everyone for using VDR and contributing to its development,
and for keeping this project alive for 15 years!


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