[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 2.3.9

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sun Mar 18 13:54:32 UTC 2018

VDR developer version 2.3.9 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous version is available at


MD5 checksums:

9e4202b046df9ea960d930ce99e967ab  vdr-2.3.9.tar.bz2
38a0f436fbed219665725aa2e54a9ca0  vdr-2.3.8-2.3.9.diff

Approaching version 2.4.0:

If there are no more serious bug reports, the final version 2.4.0 of VDR
shall be released on April 15.
So please test this developer version intensely and report any problems
you might encounter as soon as possible.

The following language files still have the given number of untranslated texts:

PLUGINS/src/hello/po/ca_ES.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/da_DK.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/el_GR.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/es_ES.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/fr_FR.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/hu_HU.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/nl_NL.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/nn_NO.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/pt_PT.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/ro_RO.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/sl_SI.po: 6
PLUGINS/src/hello/po/sv_SE.po: 6
po/ar.po: 76
po/ca_ES.po: 76
po/cs_CZ.po: 22
po/da_DK.po: 208
po/el_GR.po: 271
po/es_ES.po: 22
po/et_EE.po: 7
po/fi_FI.po: 3
po/fr_FR.po: 22
po/hr_HR.po: 208
po/hu_HU.po: 22
po/it_IT.po: 3
po/lt_LT.po: 22
po/mk_MK.po: 22
po/nl_NL.po: 22
po/nn_NO.po: 336
po/pt_PT.po: 104
po/ro_RO.po: 22
po/ru_RU.po: 10
po/sk_SK.po: 22
po/sl_SI.po: 77
po/sr_RS.po: 76
po/sv_SE.po: 22
po/tr_TR.po: 208
po/uk_UA.po: 22
po/zh_CN.po: 76

If nobody takes care of these, they will remain untranslated in version 2.4.0.

The changes since version 2.3.8:

- Updated the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed a possible crash when stopping VDR (thanks to Matthias Senzel for reporting and
   helping to debug this one).
- Fixed handling VPS events outside the LingerLimit, which could cause recordings to
   stop prematurely (thanks to Johann Friedrichs).
- Fixed an invalid lock sequence when trying to remove a deleted recording in case
   of low disk space.
- Now making sure that AssertFreeDiskSpace() is called with the maximum timer
   priority in case there are several timers recording with different priorities.
- The MTD mapper now avoids immediately reusing unique PIDs when switching channels,
   to prevent possible problems with old data in buffers (thanks to Onur Sentürk).
- The function cDevice::GetVideoSystem() (which has been deprecated since version 2.1.6)
   has been finally removed.
- The macros used to control deprecated code or functions have been changed to hold
   numeric values (0 and 1), so that they can be controlled at compile time, without
   having to edit the actual source code (suggested by Jasmin Jessich).
- The default for DEPRECATED_VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE has been set to 0, which means VDR
   no longer reacts on the environment variable VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE. You can add
   'DEPRECATED_VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE=1' when compiling in order to restore this
   functionality. However, it is recommended to use the command line option --chartab
- The timeout for the channel display is now reset whenever the channel or EPG data
- OSD menus now try to keep the offset of the list cursor at a constant position on
   the screen, even if the list is modified while being displayed.
- The LCARS skin's main menu now reacts to changes of the current channel's name.
- If an event in the Schedules menu is marked with a 'T' or 'I' and the user presses the
   Red button to edit the timer, local timers are now preferred over remote timers
   in case there is more than one timer that will record that event.
- Switching the primary device is no longer done via osSwitchDvb (which has been
   removed), but rather by the main program loop reacting to changes in Setup.PrimaryDVB.
- The new SVDRP commands 'LSTD' and 'PRIM' can be used to list all available devices
   and to switch the primary device (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
- Added some comments regarding font height (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
- Fixed handling timers during the change from DST to winter time (thanks to Johann
- Added missing checks of 'player' in member functions of cControl, and setting
   cControl::player to NULL in cDvbPlayerControl::Stop() to avoid a possible crash
   with plugins that retrieve player information after a replay has been stopped, but
   before the replay control has been destroyed (thanks to Johann Friedrich).
- Now calling Hide() and cStatus::MsgReplaying(..., false) from cReplayControl::Stop(),
   to inform plugins about an ending replay session before the replay control gets
- Fixed a possible crash when moving a recording between different volumes (reported by
   Matthias Senzel).
- Fixed positioning the cursor in the Recordings menu when moving a recording between
   different volumes.
- Added a note to PLUGINS.html about writing log messages in English.
- Fixed a deadlock when moving a folder containing several recordings between
   different volumes (reported by Matthias Senzel).
- Fixed positioning to the current item when changing the sort mode in the Recordings
   menu, in case there is a LastReplayed recording.
- The CAM menu is now automatically closed when the current channel is switched
   (suggested by Dietmar Spingler).
- Fixed a lengthy write lock on the Recordings list in case of moving a folder with
   more than one recording (thanks to Matthias Senzel).
- If TS packets are not accepted by the output device in Transfer Mode, this is now
   reported only once per minute in the log file.
- The new setup option "OSD/Sorting direction for recordings" can be used to switch
   the sequence in which recordings are presented in the "Recordings" menu between
   ascending (oldest first) and descendeng (newest first) (thanks to Matthias Senzel).
- When moving recordings between volumes, the "Recordings" menu now displays those items
   that have not yet been moved completely as non-selectable. This avoids situations
   where trying to play such a recording might fail.
- Fixed canceling moving a folder with several recordings between volumes.
- When moving a recording to a different folder, the cursor is no longer placed on the
   new location of the recording, but rather stays in the original folder (suggested by
   Matthias Senzel). If the original folder got empty by moving away the last recording
   it contained, the cursor is moved up until a non empty folder is found.
- Changed the log message ""ERROR: copying directory '%s' to '%s' ended prematurely" from
   "error" to "info", because any actual error would have already been reported before this
   (suggested by Matthias Senzel).
- When selecting a folder for a recording or timer, it is now possible to open a folder
   even if it doesn't contain any subfolders (suggested by Matthias Senzel).
- Fixed a possible deadlock when detaching a receiver from a device.
- Moved any locking from cutter.c into recording.c, to avoid a problem with locking
   the Recordings list (reported by Matthias Senzel).
- Now using the 'example' macro in vdr.5 (thanks to Chris Mayo).
- Now unlocking the Recordings list before displaying an error message in
   cMenuPathEdit::ApplyChanges() and cReplayControl::Stop() (reported by Matthias Senzel).
- Fixed a possible deadlock when quickly zapping through encrypted channels (reported
   by Jörg Wendel).
- The new function cStatus::MarksModified() can be implemented by plugins to get
   informed about any modifications to the editing marks of the currently played
   recording (based on a patch from Jörg Wendel).
- Fixed handling editing marks in the replay progress display, in case the marks are
   deleted via the Info/Edit menu of the currently played recording (the progress
   display still displayed them).
- Limited some CAM related log messages to the actual master CAM, if any.
- The Perl script 'peerdemo' shows how one can find all the VDRs in the local network
   using the peer connection mechanism.
- Added the UPDATE-2.4.0 file.
- Making sure cSVDRPClient::Process() reads the entire reply once it started reading,
   even if no Response parameter is given.
- Replaced the warning regarding the open SVDRP port in the INSTALL file with a remark
   about using svdrphosts.conf to completely disable SVDRP access.
- Added a note about the fixed UDP port for SVDRP discovery to vdr.1.
- Fixed updating the Timers menu after turning a local timer on/off with the Red
- Fixed keeping the cursor position in the Recordings menu in case a timer starts
   recording while the menu is open.
- When a timer is newly created in the Timers menu, it now immediately appears at the
   correct position in the list, rather than first being added at the end and then
   jumping to the proper offset.
- Fixed getting the info of a newly edited recording (reported by Matthias Senzel).
- Improved calculating signal strength and quality (thanks to Helmut Binder).
- While a timer is recording, the file '.timer' in the recording directory now contains
   the full id of the timer that is currently recording into this directory. This is used
   to determine whether a timer is still recording on a remote VDR when deleting a recording
   from the Recordings menu.
- Fixed handling SVDRP peering for more than one instance of VDR on the same machine, and
   improved logging and debug output.
- Fixed case inconsistency with SVDRPDefaultHost in config.c.
- Added a section about the '.sort' file to vdr.5.
- Initiating the client side of a peer-to-peer SVDRP connection is now done with the new
   SVDRP command CONN instead of using the UDP port with the server's address.
   This change requires that all VDRs that shall take part in a peer-to-peer network need
   to be updated to this version.
- Moved handling remote timers into cSVDRPClientHandler::ProcessConnections().
- Combined Start/StopSVDRPServer/ClientHandler() into Start/StopSVDRPHandler().
- Updated the Polish OSD texts (thanks to Tomasz Maciej Nowak).
- When remote timers are fetched from a peer VDR, we no longer blindly delete and re-add
   them, but rather compare them and make only the minimum necessary changes.
- Fixed the CompareInts() function.
- Disabled the use of posix_fadvise() when reading (i.e. replaying), since it caused
   stuttering replay in fast forward and fast rewind mode in case the video directory
   is mounted via NFS. You can re-enable it by setting the macro USE_FADVISE_READ to 1
   in tools.c.
- Modified cStateLock's SetExplicitModify() and IncState() (changed to SetModified()) to
   allow for the introduction of syncing a separate cStateKey to a cStateLock.
- Assigning events to timers no longer triggers sending a POLL to all peer VDRs.
- When making modifications to remote timers, the local VDR no longer sends a POLL to
   all remote VDRs.
- Fixed removing a cStateKey from a cStateLock (setting StateKey.stateLock = NULL was
   done too late, after the lock had already been released).
- Now writing the info file before attaching the recorder to the device, to make sure it
   is present when the recorder needs to update the fps value.
- Making sure the Schedules menu has a proper title, even if it is empty.
- Removed sending the SVDRP command UPDR to peer VDRs whenever a change is made to the
   recordings in the video directory (which was introduced in version 2.3.8), because it
   triggered re-reading the video directory too fast.
- Improved handling VPS timers to better react to EPG changes during an ongoing recording.
- Commented out the logging in cMarks::Align(), to avoid log entries in case of editing
   marks that are not generated by VDR itself, and thus may be a little off (suggested by
   Jörg Wendel). You can activate this line again for debugging if necessary.
- Made the input buffer in cSVDRPClient dynamic.
- Fixed handling parameters in the S2SatelliteDeliverySystemDescriptor and
   T2DeliverySystemDescriptor that were overwritten when parsing the
   SatelliteDeliverySystemDescriptor or TerrestrialDeliverySystemDescriptor, respectively.
- Modified cMenuTimers::Delete() to avoid a lengthy lock on the Timers list while prompting
   the user.

Have fun!


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