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If you want to use ac3 (Dolby Digital) with VDR, you have these 3 possibilities:

The AC3overDVB-Patch for VDR allows the use of AC3, also known as Dolby Digital, via the digital S/PDIF output of an FF-DVB-card. Both, electrical and optical outputs, are using the same protocol and have therefore exactly the same sound quality. But the optical output allows electrical separation between your computer and ac3 Receiver. Therefore you can avoid grounding problems and disturbances in video and analog audio channels. If you have both possibilities prefer the optical Toslink. For output of digital audio VDR uses the AV7111 chips on the dvb card. This chip can only deal with PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) data, therefore encapsulated ac3has to be used. Mostly, but not all, DD Receivers can handle this data format. This list tells you wether a particular DD receiver can handle this or not.

The same restriction is valid if you use the special firmware for DVB card.

List of AC3overDVB compatible/not compatible Dolby Digital Receivers

(the list is partly from http://www.muempf.de/down/DD-receiver-status.txt )


THIS LIST IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, BECAUSE COLLECTED FROM VDR USERS! This list lives from user data, so PLEASE add and share your experiencies.


Vendor and Device Name Status PCM {ok, Error} Status DD/DTS {auto/manually/Error}
Acoustic Energy Aego P5 ok
Andersson R2 (NetOnNet) ok auto
Arcam Diva AVR250 ok
Bose Lifestyle 8 Series II ok
Cambridge SoundWorks DTT-2500 Error
Cambridge SoundWorks DTT-3500 Error
CAT CS-907 ok
Centrum Titan 500 ok
Creative 5700 Inspire ok
Creative Labs DDTS-100 ok
Cyrus AV-5 ok
DENON AVR-1501 ok
DENON AVR-1600 ok
DENON AVR-1602 ok
DENON AVR-1603 ok auto
DENON AVR-1604 ok
DENON AVR-1705 ok
DENON AVR-1801 ok auto
DENON AVR-1802 ok
DENON AVR-1803 ok
DENON AVR-1804 ok auto
DENON AVR-1905 ok auto
DENON AVR-1906 ok auto
DENON AVR-1907 ok auto
DENON AVR-1908 ok Problems with DD and DTS
DENON AVR-2105 ok
DENON AVR-2106 ok auto
DENON AVR-2802 ok
DENON AVR-2803 ok
DENON AVR-2805 ok
DENON AVR-3801 ok auto
DENON AVR-3802 ok
DK-Digital AS-90-1 ok
Grundig DR 3400 DD Error
Harman/Kardon AVR 2000 ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 2500 ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 3000 ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 300RDS ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 330 ok auto
Harman/Kardon AVR 45RDS ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 35RDS ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 507 ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 5550 ok
Harman/Kardon AVR 7000 ok
Hercules Thrustmaster 5.1 Error
JVC RX-6010R ok
Kenwood KRF-V4070D ok
Kenwood KRF-V4530D Error
Kenwood KRF-V5030D Error
Kenwood KRF-V5050D ok manually
Kenwood KRF-V5100D ok auto
Kenwood KRF-V6030D Error
Kenwood KRF-V6070D ok
Kenwood KRF-V7030D Error
Kenwood KRF-V7050D Error
Kenwood KRF-V7060D ok
Kenwood KRF-7773D ok
Kenwood KRF-V8060D ok auto
Kenwood KRF-V8070D ok
Kenwood KRF-V9060D ok
Kenwood KRF-X9070D ok
Lexicon MC-8 ok
Lexicon MB-12 ok
Logitech Z-680 ok
Marantz NR1501 ok auto
Marantz SR4400 ok
Marantz SR4500 ok auto
Marantz SR5200 ok
Marantz SR5300 ok
Marantz SR5400 ok
Marantz SR5600 ok
Marantz SR7200 ok
Marantz SR7300 ok auto
NAD T-752 ok
Onkyo DR-90 ok
Onkyo DS-575 ok
Onkyo TX-DS-575X ok
Onkyo TX-DS-676 ok
Onkyo TX-SR501E ok
Onkyo TX-SR600E ok
Onkyo TX-SR601E ok
Onkyo TX-SR703E ok auto
Onkyo TX-NR900E ok auto
Panasonic SA HE 70 ok
Panasonic SA-HE 75 ok
Panasonic SA-HE 90 ok
Panasonic SA-HE 200 ok
Panasonic SA-XR 15 EG-S ok
Panasonic SA-XR 30 ok
Philips FR994 ok
Philips FR996 ok
Philips LX3900SA ok
Pioneer VSA-E07 ok
Pioneer VSX-609RDS ok
Pioneer VSX-709RDS ok
Pioneer VSX-C300 ok
Pioneer VSX-C301 ok
Pioneer VSX-C402 ok
Pioneer VSX-D510 ok
Pioneer VSX-D511 ok
Pioneer VSX-D514 ok
Pioneer VSX-C550 ok
Pioneer VSX-D812 ok
Pioneer VSX-915 ok
Pioneer VSX-D1014 ok manually
Pioneer VSX-1014-K Error
Pioneer XV-DV88 ok
Primare SPA-21 ok auto
Rotel RSX-965 ok
Rotel RSX-972 ok
Samsung AVR-700 ok ok
Schneider AVR 1000 ok manually
Sherwood R-956R ok auto
Sony DAV S550 ok
Sony DAV S800 ok
Sony STR-DB780 QS ok
Sony STR-DB790 QS ok
Sony STR-DB795 QS ok manually
Sony STR-DB830 QS Error
Sony STR-DB840 QS ok
Sony STR-DB870 QS ok auto
Sony STR-DB925 ok
Sony STR-DB930 Error
Sony STR-DB940 ok DD-error DTS-ok
Sony STR-DB1070 QS ok
Sony STR-DB1080 QS ok
Sony STR-DE445 ok
Sony STR-DE485E ok auto
Sony STR-DE585 ok
Sony STR-DE635 Error
Sony STR DE675 ok
Sony STR DE685 ok
Sony STR-DE875 ok auto
Sony STR-LV500 ok Error
Sony STR-SL5 ok
Sunfire Theatre Grand Processor II ok
Tag McLaren AV-30R ok
Tag McLaren AV-32R-BP-192 ok
Tag McLaren AV-192R ok
Teac Powermax 2000 ok
Technics SA-DA 8 ok
Technics SA-DX 750 ok auto
Technics SA-DX 930 ok
Technics SA-DX 950 ok auto
Thomson DPL-550 ok auto
VideoLogic DigiTheater 5.1 Error
Yamaha DDP-2 ok
Yamaha DSP-AX620 Error
Yamaha DSP-A1 Error
Yamaha DSP-A2 Error
Yamaha DSP-A3090 ok Error
Yamaha DSP-A5 ok
Yamaha DSP-A595 ok
Yamaha DSP-AX1 ok
Yamaha DSP-AX2 ok
Yamaha DSP-E800 ok
Yamaha RX-V1300RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V1500RDS ok auto
Yamaha RX-V2095RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V3000 ok
Yamaha RX-V359RDS ok auto
Yamaha RX-V361 ok auto
Yamaha RX-V396RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V420RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V430RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V440RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V450RDS ok auto
Yamaha RX-V457 ok auto
Yamaha RX-V520RDS ok manually
Yamaha RX-V530RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V540RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V550RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V596RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V620RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V630RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V640RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V650 ok
Yamaha RX-V657 ok auto
Yamaha RX-V730RDS ok
Yamaha RX-V750 ok
Yamaha TSS-1 ok
Yamaha RX-V757 RDS ok