Using an xterm to control VDR

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Sebastian typically uses his remote control and LIRC to control the VDR. But when he enters text (e.g. searches), he wants to use the keyboard, which is normally used for the desktop.


Under X, send normal characters to the vdr, without switching to another virtual terminal.


cat > /proc/<PID_OF_VDR>/fd/0


I first tried cat > /dev/tty10, but that sends the chars to the terminal, where they are consumed. The chars never arrive at the vdr. /proc/<PID>/fd/0 is the stdin of an arbitrary process.

This is very easy, since it doesnt need SVDRP or any TCP-communication to control a vdr running on the same host.

Further References:

Together with the Control-plugin, one can completely control the vdr from a terminal.


Not verified yet.