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Here are some skins vor MediaWiki that we could use on VDR Wiki (in addition to the existing ones, but perhaps as new default).

These are only tests and i'm far from putting them online. But please review them and write your opinions and wishes about

  • colors
  • layout
  • remove/add menuelements (i could e.g. remove "Community Portal")

These Skin are derived from the MonoBook standard skin. I'm also thinking about a combination of the nostalgia-layout and the monobook-look and feel.

But perhaps you find this all crap? And we should stay with MonoBook? Please write your comments down.

Changes are

  • Layout
  • <pre> areas have now a solid line (before:a dashed line)

Thanks --Monroe 10:23, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Skin 1

Skin 1


Skin 2

Konqueror 3.2.3 (Linux)
Firefox 0.9.3 (Linux)


  • looks nice, but somehow "cold" colors. wirbel

Skin 3

Some suggestions from max4vdr.

  • "lighter" menu
  • the tabs are back
Konqueror 3.2.3 (Linux)
Firefox 0.9.3 (Linux)


Skin 2 with other menue colors

  • like theme2, but slightly other colors
  • i think the tabs are not really needed
  • it that possible? Or better/worse? Hm..
Skin2, but other colors