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Originally written by Joerg Bakker

Slightly updated by Serge Rabykin (to be compiled by using standard vdr build procedure and with latest version of Platinum UPnP SDK)

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

Platinum UPnP SDK 0.5.1

VDR streamdev-server-plugin 0.3.4


Download updated UPnP plugin version 0.0.3 by using one of the next links



Unzip it into your vdr/PLUGINS/src/ folder. Should be vdr/PLUGINS/src/vdr-upnp folder with plugin source files inside.

Download Platinum UPnP SDK 0.5.1 by using next link http://sourceforge.net/projects/platinum/files/platinum/0.5.1/Platinum-

Unzip it to the plugin folder vdr/PLUGINS/src/vdr-upnp/ . Should be vdr/PLUGINS/src/vdr-upnp/Platinum folder with Platinum UPnP SDK inside.

Go inside vdr/PLUGINS/src/vdr-upnp folder and type make. Copy result plugin file vdr/PLUGINS/lib/libvdr-upnp.so.1.x.x into your vdr plugins folder.


I have compiled plugin with VDR version 1.7.8 and tested it with XBMC UPnP client. Unfortunately LiveTV channels not worked and needs some time to discover the problem. But Recordings are working fine. I have some ideas how to fix problem with LiveTV channels. Will update soon.