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==Version History==
==Version History==
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# {{vdrportal board|32135|Link auf Thread im VDR-Forum}}
# {{vdrportal board|32135|Link to Thread in VDR-Forum}}
# {{vdrportal board|113653|Link auf Thread im VDR-Forum}}
# {{vdrportal board|113653|Link to Thread in VDR-Forum}}
[[Category:Audio and Video Tools]]
[[Category:Audio and Video Tools]]

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Author: Michael Baer

The AC3mode plugin will display when changing to an AC3 track the number of Dolby Digital channels (5.1, Dolby Stereo, etc.).


Last Update 2012.



Version History

Version Date Description Link
0.1 28.03.2005
  • Initial Revision
0.1 28.06.2012
  • Initial Revision ported to vdr-1.7

Current Version



  1. Link to Thread in VDR-Forum
  2. Link to Thread in VDR-Forum